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20 July 2008 @ 02:15 pm

I started in my journal what I call a 'Zhou Mi and Henry Support Archive', which as the title suggests, archives Henry and Zhou Mi related pairings. But seeing as sjonelove  is now officially open, i've decided to move the archive here.
I started this out of my love for Zhou Mi and Henry, my joy of seeing them interact with the other members and the fact that Zhou Mi and Henry are indeed supported by their fellow Super Junior members.
I'm leaving this public because I welcome people to take the pictures if they want. Comments would be appreciated but it's fine either way. If you notice that you have pictures that i'm missing, I encourage you to send me / link me to these missing pictures.
This entry is extremely picture heavy. It may take quite a while to load.
And please, No Hotlinking.

Sources I used include, but are not limited to;
SJChina LiveJournal Community, Henry's Baibu, Henry's CyWorld, A range of Zhou Mi / Henry fansites, other fan's private journal postage, etc. If some of these pictures happen to be ones you originally uploaded / taken and want to be credited, please let me know and i'll be happy to credit you. Other credits go to people / websites watermarked on the photos.

- Updated with HenWon, HenGeng, HenWook, HenWookHae on 07/11
- Updated with HenWook, HenHae, HenGeng, QMI, ZhouWook on 07/11
- Updated with QMI on 07/12
- Updated with QMI on 07/13
- Updated with HenWook on 07/14
- Updated with QMI on 07/19
- Updated with QMI and ZhouWon on 07/20

- Updated with HenWook, HenWon, HenWookHae, ZhouGeng, QMI, (New Section!) ZhouRy, (New Section!) Misc. Pairings on 07/22
- Updated with HenWook, HenWon on 07/25
- Updated with QMI, ZhouGeng on 08/04
- Updated with ZhouWon, ZhouGeng on 08/19

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17 July 2008 @ 02:19 pm

General Community Rules:

1. There's absolutely no flaming or bashing of specific only13-ers / ELF or the only13 stance here - for the simple fact that this community is not so much anti-only13/only5 as pro-15. Discussions of such things are by all means allowed, but obvious flaming will not be tolerated.

2. No public bashing of specific Super Junior members. Again, General discussion of member's faults are allowed but if you don't particularly like a specific member then please keep it to yourself.

3. If posting material found elsewhere, always credit the original poster / translator / news source / etc.

4. Always tag your entries, when tags are available.

5. If you're posting a new entry to the community, please use your best grammar and organization skills when doing so.

6. Use LJ cuts when necessary, especially for very large entries.

What is allowed in SJOneLove:

- Forever15 / 15+ graphics or graphics containing any variety of Super Junior members. Graphics may include such things as icons, banners, etc.

- Any Super Junior (KRY, T, M or H) news and developments.

- Translations (Lyrics, General Information, Cyworlds, etc.)

- Picture Spams, Video Spams, etc.

- Fanart of any member of the Super Junior family

- Requests (Pictures of specific members, specific events, media that you've been searching for, etc.) as long as it follows all rules

- Downloads (such as interviews, performances, etc.) as long as it is all legal.

- Live Reports and accompanying pictures / media

- Fan projects are allowed, but please clear with one of the moderators before hand.

- Questions regarding any Super Junior member or Super Junior sub-group, event, etc. If you have a question that goes beyond these guidelines, please refer your question to the Admin or one of the moderators.

What is NOT allowed:

- Any illegal requests or posting of illegal media (That means entire discographies, burned videos, etc.)

- Stalking pictures or stalking media (Trailing the members in public from the airport, to the hotel, to the mall, to the store.. It's looked down upon here.)

- Any personal information of the members / members friends (Any personal email or usernames, hotels or apartments where members are currently staying, phone numbers or other contact information, etc.)

- Clearly no topics, graphics or projects with only13/only5 bias are allowed to be posted here. Anyone who blatantly breaks these simple rules for the sake of trolling will be banned.

- Fanfiction of any kind. Fanart, however, is allowed

- Selling of merchandise or other products

- Drama warranting entries or posts. If discussing only-13 actions or activities, please keep said discussions as civil as possible.

- Any posting of rumors, unless cleared by one of the moderators before hand

Anyone breaking these rules or ignoring the guidelines will receive strict warnings. Repeated offenders will be banned from the community.

~If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these rules, please refer them to the admin or one of the moderators. Thank you.